Giving Your Company A Fresh New Face

Is your website not generating the attention you hoped for?

With the rapid pace of today’s technology, mobile platforms and social networks, a company’s website is a crucial communication tool and acts as the forefront of your brand. Your site communicates your mission, your position and most of all your image and customers quickly decide if they’re interested based on that first glance. In order for you to achieve optimal results and gain the attention that you want, it must be updated regularly.

Rebranding your business is no small task, but it could be extremely beneficial. Doing so can assist with product launches, reshaping public perception or refreshing a tired image. A successful rebranding campaign can breathe new life into a business and improve overall revenue as well as provide promising possibility.

Should you rebrand?

To begin, if you’re asking the question if redesign is necessary, the answer is most probably yes. Choosing to rebrand your company is a big risk, however, it’s one that can certainly pay off, and has for many companies before. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should take the plunge to redesign in order to re-engage customers, just refer to this checklist:

  1. Do you have a new product or core service you’re offering or cooking up something big?
  2. You have to constantly be up to date on current trends and changes.
  3. Is your design concept and image completely outdated?
  4. Is your company changing direction, or does it have a new value proposition?
  5. Do you need to alter your public perception?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, rebranding may be the perfect option to refresh and boost your business.
Once you make the decision to rebrand, ensure that you conduct plenty of research before you change a single thing. Your consumers will let you know exactly what they want– all you have to do is listen. Once you do, you’ll be able to strike the perfect balance between recognizable symbol, iconic name and a classic design that will last for years to come.

Your website should check all these boxes in order to prosper and optimize its full potential:

  • Reflect your brand and your needs
  • Use current web tools
  • Display a design and content adapted to various screen resolutions
  • Provide an optimal user experience
  • Have a good ranking on Google
  • Showcase your communications (newsletter, blog, social networks)

What about your logo?

While many elements make up a brands identity — such as company name, product assortment, advertising, and public perception — there is one element that is quintessential to a brand: a logo.

A properly designed logo has the ability to propel your brand into the mainstream, gear the public’s perception and ultimately increase revenue. The same applies to ecommerce as well. A study from Missouri University of Science and Technology demonstrated that consumers spend their first six seconds on a website looking at the logo design before beginning to browse the other content on the page. Customers are searching for a consistent brand experience on every platform, whether it be, social media, your website, print and more — creating a recognizable and appealing logo is imperative and will carry your company very far.

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